Welcome to Stone Portraits

We all have relationships with buildings. We marry in them, raise families around them, build businesses from them, and retreat to them. They are an important part of our lives. And yet so often we record them with little more than a few photographs. My watercolours and sketches aim not only to record, but also to cherish buildings. So whatever relationship you have with a building, my aim is to capture its character, and preserve it for you in art.

Having been an Art Scholar at Shrewsbury School, and Art History student in Venice and Florence on my Gap Year, I have developed a number of styles and techniques which help me tailor my work to your requirements. When I’m not painting, I am studying English at Oxford University – another great European city – which inspires me daily with new ways of approaching architecture, encouraging further dynamic and innovative compositions.

Please have a look around my website. There is a commissions page for further explanation, gallery for past examples, and contact email for any enquiries you may have. I look forward to hearing from you.

Rory Fraser, 2016

Rory captures the character of each building in a uniquely quirky way, bringing them to life with drawings that speak to their history as well as their individual stories

Hannah Day, Lincolnshire

Rory has a knack for capturing the spirit of the building with a sensuous impressionistic palette

Ralph Wade, Shropshire

I feel very fortunate to have commissioned Rory. When I first saw the artwork, I was very moved. It is full of texture, colour and vibrancy – you can see all the care and detail that has gone into creating it. The painting has made a unique and intimate present.

Sally Cox, Rutland